Guide to how carpet protector really works

Why do I need carpet and fabric protection?

Accidental spills and stain happen in the best run homes. But if your carpets and fabrics are protected by a top quality soil and stain repellent, it’s easy to clean up spills


What happens when a spill occurs?

Both thin, water-based spills and thicker, oily spills bead up on the surface of the fabric. The invisible barrier of the protection actually repels the spills and keeps them soaking into the fabric.


What if the spill has had time to set?

Always try to clean up a spill immediately by blotting up with a white terry towel or tissues. If you have been unable to get to it before it dries follow the stain removal advice on our website.

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Cleaning different types of window sills and frames

Not all window sills and window frames are the same and this means they all require different methods for cleaning. Today we're going to take a quick look at four major type of window sills and the simple methods of cleaning them. While many of these are similar and borrow from one another, the difference in finishes and materials means that care must be taken to ensure you don't damage any finishes. These tips can help extend the lifespan of your windows.

Painted wood

You can wash these frames and sills down with warm soapy water. Simply use washing up liquid and then wipe your frames down with warm water. It is essential to dry your frames and sills thoroughly after this process due to the wood.

Varnished wood

For varnished wood, the process is similar, however due to the varnish, washing up liquid is not a safe option, instead a small amount of detergent should be used. Add the detergent to warm water and apply the mixture using the same method as the painted frames.

Wood and Aluminium

Wooden frames used in conjunction with aluminium components can be washed using the same mix of warm water and detergent as varnished frames, however the aluminium parts will require a solvent cleaner to keep them from rusting and deteriorating. Again it is essential to ensure both the metal and the wood are completely dry after cleaning.


Warm water and detergent should again be mixed but them applied with a microfibre cloth. The UPVC should then be dried. After drying, the frames should be cleaned using a cream cleanser specifically for UPVC, this will ensure that the UPVC will be given a strong outer layer to help keep it cleaner for longer.


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Competent Cleaners

Why a Clean Home Equals a Clean Mind

Have you ever sat down to your desk to get some work done and soon realise that half your day is gone and you haven’t gotten anything accomplished? Look around at your desk and your office? Is it a mess? Chances are, if it is, that could be the reason for your lack of work. The same idea can be related to your home. If your home is messy, or you have a lot of clutter, you might not feel as calm and relaxed as you would normally feel and you might find yourself getting nothing done all day.

     Research shows that a messy home can lead to a messy mind. If your home is cluttered or your work space is a mess, you won’t be as effective and your mind might become preoccupied. Let’s take a look at why this is and see how you can clean up your home and your mind.


Messes Take Up Mental Space

     Your subconscious mind is always working to solve problems. When you are at work trying to create web content, or you are home deciding what to do for dinner, your mind is working hard in the background to solve these issues for you. If your home or office is a mess, you brain is instead focused on that and it’s processing capabilities are lower. The solution, clean up your home or office and let your brain get back to more important things.


Messes Cause Subconscious Burden

     Not only are you losing that mental processing power by having these things occupying your mind, it’s also causing a general burden on your ability to get stuff done. Even if you are not paying attention to the clutter around you, your mind is and that can keep you from getting work done. The more of a mess your home is, the less you will get done until it is cleaned up.

     The simple solution to keeping your mind clear is cleaning up your home or office. This will let you focus on what you need to do and help your mind relax so you can do the same. The best way to do this is to contact a professional cleaning service that will come to your home or office and make it neat and tidy again. Regular cleaning services will enable you to get more done and possibly even become more successful as your mind will be able to focus on even more possibilities.


Four tips for cleaning Wooden Floors

Wooden floors can be tricky and many people can become stressed trying to make sure their floors are clean without damaging the wood. Today we're going to take a look at four simple tips to help clean your wooden floors effectively. These tips are tailored to hardwood floors specifically.

Vacuum your floor every week

While this is something you're most likely to do anyway, it is still worth emphasising the importance of regular vacuuming. Small fragments of grit that build up in dust will start to rub away at your wood underfoot like sandpaper. Regular vacuuming will help stop this build up of dust and grit inside the dust. A thorough vacuum once a week should be enough.

Keep it dry

Water is of course the enemy of wood and as such, water is the main threat to your floor. The main culprits are of course spilt water and rain. To avoid water damage simply remain vigilant and ensure you remove any water as soon as its spilt or introduced to your floor.



Doormats inside and outside your front and back doors are definitely recommended. This dual layer of mats ensure that as much dirt as possible is removed from shoes before you enter your home. This means that a minimal amount of dust will effect your floor. Its also important to replace these mats from time to time to ensure they stay effective.

Use Rugs and Mats

Areas that are expected to experience the most traffic will be the first areas to deteriorate over time, as such it is wise to invest in rugs and mats to help cover these areas. Different rugs and mats can be used depending on your decor to ensure they don't look out of place. Over time these rugs will trap and collect any dust, grit and even airborne particles entering your home protecting your floor and Competent Cleaners can help with the maintenance and cleaning of these rugs.

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Tips for dealing with Water Based Stain

Tips for dealing with Water Based Stain

Here's some advice on how to deal with Water Based Stains (e.g. Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juices, Wine, some basic Food stains)