Spring cleaning for your pets - From bathing to hutch hygiene

Good husbandry is very important for the health and well-being of your pets. With the days drawing out and spring upon us, it’s worth carrying out some simple spring cleaning for them.

Pet beds

Most dog and cat beds can be washed in your washing machine but always read the label first. Before you wash it, give the bed a vacuum to remove any excess hair and dirt. It’s best to use a non-fragranced, non-biological detergent and add a cup of baking soda to the wash which will help to neutralise odours. Pet rugs and blankets can be cleaned in the same way – again, always check the label.

Hutches and cages

You should clean the home of your small furry pets, such as a hamster or rabbit, on a weekly basis. Firstly remove all uneaten food and bedding, then wash bowls and water drinkers in warm water. Don’t use household cleaning products on the cage however you can use vinegar to neutralise the odour and remove any urine deposits. Whilst you're cleaning the cage, take the opportunity to check any wire and fittings, such as hinges, bolts and making any necessary repairs.

Toys and accessories

Collect all your pet’s toys and check that they are still fit for purpose. Throw out any that are past saving and wash the remainder in hot water. If you have a washing machine, run on a quick cycle without detergent. Take the opportunity to also check pet collars and harnesses in case these need repairing or replacing.

Your pet

Once you've cleaned your pets bedding and other items, don’t forget to give your pet a bath. While there is still a nip in the air, make sure that they are kept warm and cosy after their bath so they don’t catch a chill. If you are not able to bath your pet yourself, there are many reputable dog groomers that can do this for you. Visit the Pet Care Trade Association (www.petcare.org.uk) to find a registered groomer in your area.

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