Guide to how carpet protector really works

Why do I need carpet and fabric protection?

Accidental spills and stain happen in the best run homes. But if your carpets and fabrics are protected by a top quality soil and stain repellent, it’s easy to clean up spills


What happens when a spill occurs?

Both thin, water-based spills and thicker, oily spills bead up on the surface of the fabric. The invisible barrier of the protection actually repels the spills and keeps them soaking into the fabric.


What if the spill has had time to set?

Always try to clean up a spill immediately by blotting up with a white terry towel or tissues. If you have been unable to get to it before it dries follow the stain removal advice on our website.

If you cannot treat the stain on your own, remember we are always here to help. We are FULLY INSURED and ALL our work is guaranteed. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote, advice and our best prices