Four tips for cleaning Wooden Floors

Wooden floors can be tricky and many people can become stressed trying to make sure their floors are clean without damaging the wood. Today we're going to take a look at four simple tips to help clean your wooden floors effectively. These tips are tailored to hardwood floors specifically.

Vacuum your floor every week

While this is something you're most likely to do anyway, it is still worth emphasising the importance of regular vacuuming. Small fragments of grit that build up in dust will start to rub away at your wood underfoot like sandpaper. Regular vacuuming will help stop this build up of dust and grit inside the dust. A thorough vacuum once a week should be enough.

Keep it dry

Water is of course the enemy of wood and as such, water is the main threat to your floor. The main culprits are of course spilt water and rain. To avoid water damage simply remain vigilant and ensure you remove any water as soon as its spilt or introduced to your floor.



Doormats inside and outside your front and back doors are definitely recommended. This dual layer of mats ensure that as much dirt as possible is removed from shoes before you enter your home. This means that a minimal amount of dust will effect your floor. Its also important to replace these mats from time to time to ensure they stay effective.

Use Rugs and Mats

Areas that are expected to experience the most traffic will be the first areas to deteriorate over time, as such it is wise to invest in rugs and mats to help cover these areas. Different rugs and mats can be used depending on your decor to ensure they don't look out of place. Over time these rugs will trap and collect any dust, grit and even airborne particles entering your home protecting your floor and Competent Cleaners can help with the maintenance and cleaning of these rugs.

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