Cleaning different types of window sills and frames

Not all window sills and window frames are the same and this means they all require different methods for cleaning. Today we're going to take a quick look at four major type of window sills and the simple methods of cleaning them. While many of these are similar and borrow from one another, the difference in finishes and materials means that care must be taken to ensure you don't damage any finishes. These tips can help extend the lifespan of your windows.

Painted wood

You can wash these frames and sills down with warm soapy water. Simply use washing up liquid and then wipe your frames down with warm water. It is essential to dry your frames and sills thoroughly after this process due to the wood.

Varnished wood

For varnished wood, the process is similar, however due to the varnish, washing up liquid is not a safe option, instead a small amount of detergent should be used. Add the detergent to warm water and apply the mixture using the same method as the painted frames.

Wood and Aluminium

Wooden frames used in conjunction with aluminium components can be washed using the same mix of warm water and detergent as varnished frames, however the aluminium parts will require a solvent cleaner to keep them from rusting and deteriorating. Again it is essential to ensure both the metal and the wood are completely dry after cleaning.


Warm water and detergent should again be mixed but them applied with a microfibre cloth. The UPVC should then be dried. After drying, the frames should be cleaned using a cream cleanser specifically for UPVC, this will ensure that the UPVC will be given a strong outer layer to help keep it cleaner for longer.


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